Come out and join us on Sunday November 27, 2016 from 4-6pm at Baker Beach in the Presidio. Each class happens at sunset and we go over the basics of composition, light and the features on your camera for your mobile phone so you can up your game when you’re on vacation or out and about in the city.

The cost is $35 per person and you find the details and sign up for it here.

Art, the Ocean and Mobile Photography

Mobile Photo Class Bog 09-2015

December 22, 2015

Since we’re having much needed rain, I’ve had a chance to do some writing and pull together photos from the mobile photography classes I’ve been leading the last few months at Baker Beach. Each time, we start out at completely different levels of experience, wanting to enjoy the outdoors and photography. For some, it’s the first time they’ve picked up a camera in years and for others they simply want to take better pictures. I enjoy watching people’s creativity unfold while they use the camera that’s always with them. It’s been about slowing down and starting to see what’s around us differently. It’s a simple but powerful exercise with a fun tool.

Together, we scout out Baker Beach at the golden hour, (just before sunset) and ask ourselves three questions:

Why am I taking this picture?

What is interesting about the subject; is it the form? Color? Texture or pattern?

What feeling or thought am I trying to express?

Exploring these basic compositional elements can bring balance and harmony to our photographs and then we start to think like photographers. Being out at sunset makes it easy to pay attention to how the quality of light sets the mood, tone and feeling of an image. A few of my fellow mobile phone photographers shared some of their intentions and photos they created along the way.

Hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to use the camera on your phone and see the world around you a little differently.

If you’re interested in joining us you can find dates, times and register online here.

Photo by Kim Maree

 “In the past I haven’t really liked to muck around with filters, but on this occasion I felt my photos were pretty but they weren’t really grabbing me. I worked with them as if I was creating images rather than photos. “- Kim 

Photo by Kim Maree
Photo by Kim Maree

“I realized I like working with restrictions because it pushes my usual limits and the iPhone is perfect for that.” – Kim

Photo by Richie Thomas
Log on the Beach – Richie Thomas

” I think the technical limitations of a mobile phone compared to a DSLR camera. It spurs me to think outside the box with my shots” -Richie

Newly Weds with Lanterns. Richie Thomas
Newly Weds with Lanterns -Richie Thomas
Richie Thomas
Mathieu - Edited with VSCO Cam
Photo by Mathieu
Mathieu - Edited with VSCO Cam
Photo by MathieuMathieu - Edited with VSCO Cam

Photo by Mathieu

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