I’ve been traveling in Australia between Byron Bay and Sydney for the past three weeks. Australia is such a beautiful place it’s a photographers paradise. While I brought both my Canon DSLR and my new iPhone 7+, I set myself a challenge to see how much I could shoot  (and video) with the iPhone.

It hasn’t been a challenge at all. I’ve had so much fun with the iPhone 7+ I’ve used it everyday. We all know that’s the key to getting good photos. I’m having fun tinkering with the dual camera and portrait mode to see what I can do creatively. It took some time but I’m happy with the results.

I gave a few ladies I met in Byron Bay an iPhone photography tutorial. We went out at sunset and had a great time.

Here are ten of my favorites for this month’s 10-on10. Please take a look at Birgitte Heiberg’s photos for this month. She captured some gorgeous moments at Mt. Tam and Mendicino. While I travel I’m always reminded of what a beautiful place the Bay Area is. Birgitte really expresses that beautifully this month.

iPhone 7+ Sunrise, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
iPhone 7+ portrait mode. Bondi Beach Sydney at Sunrise
Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Australia
iPhone 7+ portrait mode. Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, Mural
iPhone 7+ Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Hyde Park, Sydney Australia, Woman against tree
iPhone 7+ portrait mode,  Hyde Park, Syndey
Pyrmont Street Architecture, Sydney, Australia
iPhone 7+ Pyrmont Street, Sydney
Domo Japanese Restaurant, New South Wales Australia
iPhone 7+ Sushi at Domo Restaurant in Federal, New South Wales
Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, Australia, Sunset, Dusk
iPhone 7+ Cape Byron Lighthouse at Sunset
Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, Travel, Australia, Sunset
iPhone 7+ Cape Byron Lighthouse Sunset
Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach, Sydney Australia
iPhone 7+ portrait mode, Coastal Walk, Syndey
Coastal Walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach, Sydney
iPhone 7+ Coastal Walk, Sydney

9 comments on “10-on-10 Photography Collective: Australia & an iPhone 7+”

  1. I’m totally impressed with the iPhone 7 quality! What great photos — I just wrote on Kristen’s page how I am getting the travel bug from you guys — so.much.fun!

    • Thanks Erica – I get the travel bug looking at other people’s photos too. It was so great to go so far away and meet so many fun people. Australia is great.

  2. Awesome pictures, and I love the cam on this iPhone7. Well captured.
    You tempt me for a trip to Australia, thank you 😉
    Beautiful portrait of you outside the Museum.

    Lots of Love
    Trini, Norway

  3. Wow. I am so amazed that those were all captured with a phone camera. I have never been good at using a phone camera, but perhaps I need to explore some of the settings more. I love all the images. The clouds in that last shot are simply stunning.

    • Thanks so much Bonnie! Once you get the hang of it – it really becomes fun. I’m teaching classes now that the weather is better. I’m writing more about how to take better pictures on your phone and teaching classes. If you sigh up for my “love letter’ right now you’ll get a Photography 101 guide that’s really simple to use and walks your through some basic tips and tricks. Try it! I bet you’ll like it.

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