St. Mary’s Park: A Well Kept SF Secret

Kids Playground St. Mary's Park Bernal Heights

Neighborhood parks are integral to the quality of life in Bernal Heights. One benefit is meeting your neighbors.  Try switching up your regular gym routine and take advantage of exercising outdoors. St. Mary’s park, north of Hwy 280 and Alemany Boulevard, is definitely off the beaten path. If you want to get outside and change […] Read more…

10-on-10 Photography Collective: Bernal Heights

This month we’re back in Bernal Heights wandering around Cortland Avenue. My sweet friend Nicole modeled for the evening as we strolled around some of my favorite places like Pinhole Coffee, The Epicurean Trader and of course, back at Succulence. Ending  on Bernal Hill Nicole braved the cold for me so I could get the city lights shot. Hope you […] Read more…

Holly Courts: Unity and Diversity

Bobbi Cochrin Holly Courts

“I’m involved in our community to see the residents get what they need, so our kids feel happy and safe and the elderly always have somebody to call.” – Bobbi Cochran Bobbi Cochran, has lived in Holly Courts Public Housing for thirty-one years. He’s a father, grandfather, community leader, and caregiver to the children and […] Read more…


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