10-on-10 Photography Collective: Firefly Women’s Photo Camp

When women support each other incredible things happen. June rolled around fast and we’re almost halfway through it. A few new client leads came through as I returned from Australia. The most exciting news, by far, was the “fun work” offer from Pam Sogge to be her Assistant Director this year, at Firefly Institute’s Women’s Photography […] Read more…

Blue House Farms: Diversified Farms for Diversified People

Carrots and Romanesco at Farmers Market

Providing high quality, organic produce that’s affordable is really important to us. A  fringe benefit of living in San Francisco is having so many farmers markets to choose from. The Alemany Market is the oldest in California. Daniel Kim, who works with Blue House Farm in Pescadero, is a regular vendor at the Saturday market. He gave […] Read more…


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