St. Mary’s Park: A Well Kept SF Secret

Kids Playground St. Mary's Park Bernal Heights

Neighborhood parks are integral to the quality of life in Bernal Heights. One benefit is meeting your neighbors.  Try switching up your regular gym routine and take advantage of exercising outdoors. St. Mary’s park, north of Hwy 280 and Alemany Boulevard, is definitely off the beaten path. If you want to get outside and change […] Read more…

A Sense of Place with Photographer Andréa Johnson

Burma, Myanmar, Monk Candlelighting

“It’s amazing to find a passion that touches you so deeply you are able to continue to share because it moves other people. There are people who up until their last breath are producing the strongest work they’ve ever done.” Andréa and I met at an annual Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference in Marin County. […] Read more…


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