Neighbors Matter: Succulence from the Inside Out

Ken Shelf Owner of Succulence Life & Garden Store

“Neighbors matter – now more than ever,” was the message from David Talbot in his San Francisco Chronicle column about his block in Bernal Heights. For Ken and Amy Shelf, the owners of Succulence on Cortland Avenue, their relationship with their community has been, and continues to be, a core value they’ve built their business […] Read more…

Be Empowered with Photographer Jennifer Alyse

Photographer Jennifer Alyse

My mission is really about supporting women in being seen in the world. Recently I had the pleasure of talking with photographer and speaker Jennifer Alyse. We talked about how she uses public speaking and photography as vehicles to promote personal, social, and spiritual development. She shared some of her greatest life adversities which lead […] Read more…


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