Jen Baxter Mobile Photography Class
Where: Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay, Australia 

Next Date: Wed May 10th
Specific location sent out after registration
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Private Sessions Also Available

With some basic knowledge about light, composition and how to evoke feelings through your images anyone can learn the basics of what makes a compelling photo. In San Francisco we have the stunning classroom of Baker Beach in the Presidio with a backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge to talk about the importance of natural light, especially before sunset, called “the golden hour”. I spent three years traveling around South East Asia and India photographing amazing moments. My work is published in newspapers and online travel guides. Let me show you how taking great photos can happen with any camera.

Usually, travel inspires us to see places and people differently because we leave our comfort zone. Naturally, we want to share how a place feels. With a few basic skills you can make a compelling picture with any camera, so why not start with the one that’s always with you, your phone.

Do you have moments when you're traveling and you wish you could take a better picture?

Learn about best practices for shooting and editing images solely using your smart phone. We’ll cover tips on shooting with the iPhone (I’ll be using an iPhone but any smart phone will work), hands-on editing, using a few favorite apps to enhance images and how to share them on social media. This class will improve your ability to take great photos to document adventures when you travel and make prints you can be proud of.

Necessary camera: any smart phone with a camera and the OS software (with enough memory) to download most new apps. Please bring your iTunes or App Store User ID and password.

iPhone is preferable and what I’ll be using to teach.

Be ready for some light hiking, walking on the beach and short steep steps. It's an urban adventure, so dress comfortably with good hiking/walking shoes for rocky terrain.