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Great photography and engaging captions on social get your content seen and connecting with loyal fans who make it thrive on social. Here are a few greatest hits.

Photography + Copywriting

This is for you if finding the time to create content for social media is a constant struggle in marketing your business.

Mobile Photography Classes

With some basic skills you can make a compelling photo with any camera. You’ll learn tips, tricks and techniques to take Instagram-worthy photos using the camera that’s always with you.


"Jen's photography brings that indescribable magic into something tangible and visual that tells a story in a way that words can not. Her workshops are the perfect blend between the practical how-to and the captivating realm of creativity."

- Grace Kraaijvanger, The Hivery

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Are you constantly scrambling for what to post on social media?

The most engaging content comes from a collaborative and creative process. You realize the importance of genuinely connecting with your clients through social media. Now, you need someone who can nail your voice, understand your clients, and create content that reaches them.


Jen is amazing. She’s intuitive, smart and clever - and that’s before you’ve even read a word she’s written. I hired her to be my features writer for Bernal, a San Francisco neighborhood site with a focus on neighbors and community. She directs the content creation for our site with minimal direction from me. Her writing and photography skills are a powerhouse combination that is hard to find in a single artist. Jen is insightful, creative and astute. I only wish I had more websites for her to help me with!

Michael Minson, Partner,  Keller Williams Realty SF 

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About Jen

At my core I’m a creative brainstormer, active listener and problem solver. When I’m surrounded by imaginative people who enjoy taking risks and reaching diverse groups, magic happens from the stories we tell.

Whether you have a growing food brand, a luxury real estate business or an exotic travel company, I love telling stories that immerse people in the lifestyle you want them to experience. I deeply believe that experiences and sharing our stories is what connects us as human beings. I use my off beat sense of humor, with slice of life scenarios at the center, to weave together elements that make people, places and food feel like a sumptuous and unique experience.