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Smitten Ice Cream
Project: Social Media Content Creation & Style Guide

Smitten’s social media objectives were to increase their number of followers and engagement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The marketing manager found it difficult to find the time to plan and create new content in advance to grow their numbers.

After two months of creating and tracking their content, it was obvious they had a strong, loyal fan base on social media. They realized it would be helpful to create an actual guide for the marketing manager to refer to once she had to reabsorb social media back into her role. It could also be shared with guest Instagrammers, local partners and PR people to give them the Smitten brand guidelines to continue building strong brand relationships.

We created a guide that visually outlined photography styles that played well on social, copy and language for captions, optimal posting times, how to leverage user generated content and Instagram contest guidelines.

This collaboration resulted in the Social Media Style and Posting Guide, a PDF document that the marketing manager could refer to when she needed to plan content as well as share internally or externally with anyone who was going to represent the Smitten brand on social media.

Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon with the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Hotel
Project: Food photography to market the “Tea Under the Tree” event at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel


Photograph: Open Homes Photography

Lisa Wolfe & Susan McBride – Pacific Union Real Estate
Project: Copywriting for Real Estate Listings

When business is busy for this real estate team, their priority is a quick turnaround time with copy that authentically represents the property, the neighborhood and speaks to the ideal buyer. To help them, we’ve established solid communication that involves a 24 hour turnaround time, pointing out 4-5 highlights of the property, including descriptive buzzwords that are important to include and at times, coordinating to be at the property when the photographer is there to catch unique details that add that extra touch.